Zect™: verb (/’zeck/)

Monitoring for AI

An easy-to-use, secure and blazingly fast Data Monitoring capability built for organizations embracing Cloud, Data Analysis, and AI.

  • “I’m Zecting the data now! Did we receive everything we paid for?”
  • “Let’s Zect™ the data to see if it is OK. I want to improve our risk of poor data quality and save time formatting data versus analyzing it.”
  • “I feel less anxious knowing I Zected the data and identified AI security threats.”
  • “We Zected the data…look what we just found! Better insights for better business decisions.”


Prior to founding Zectonal, our team worked with a very broad array of capabilities and facets of the Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning ecosystem, starting with our time at Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), and including founding the top level Apache Metron Big Data Cybersecurity open source platform adopted by Fortune 500 and technology companies.

We often asked ourselves some fundamental questions that were not always easy to answer…

  • Are we really getting every last bit of data we purchased?
  • How would we even know if even a tiny portion of the data stopped flowing?
  • What was the impact on the analytics that depended on that data we never received?
  • What was causing increasing costs in our cloud storage?
  • Are my data lakes polluted with potential security threats?
  • Are my big data tools and machine learning algorithms vulnerable to disruption?
  • How would we know if our AI and training data was compromised?

As our machine learning models scaled from using dozens of data features to thousands of features, we realized most of the biases and issues that arose from the inferencing aspect of machine learning algorithms were a by-product of only a tiny portion of incorrect training data.

As the scale of training data increased, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We needed fast and secure software capabilities that would provide an enhanced situational awareness of the data. These capabilities just did not exist.

Over time, we realized others were asking similar questions and facing similar challenges getting the most out of their data in a secure manner.

We started Zectonal as a result.

Now we Know.

What’s in your bucket?


Zectonal provides the most robust data asset characterization, discovery, and ROI analysis for enterprise data repositories.