Data Observability for the Cloud and AI Centric Enterprise

Data Supply Chain Threat Monitoring

Zectonal Deep Data Inspection

Data Observability for AI

Featured on Towards Data Science Podcast About Data Observability

On the importance of monitoring and securing your data for AI

Data Observability for AI

Zectonal provides situational awareness for enterprise AI and Business Intelligence so you can trust your analytical insights

Characterize Data Supply Chain

Zectonal provides the most robust data asset characterization, discovery, and ROI analysis for enterprise data repositories

Payload Threat Detection

Zectonal provides blazingly fast enhanced AI security capabilities by detecting emerging threats embedded within big data



Using blazingly fast software capabilities, we safely and securely provide situational awareness for your data assets in order to increase your confidence in leveraging AI and business intelligence for analytical insights.


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We are former AWS executives and founders of the open source Apache Metron real-time big data cybersecurity platform. We have worked in some of the most data and security sensitive industries and organizations on the planet. Zectonal was founded to address an emerging need in Data Supply Chain analysis and data-as-a-payload AI threat detection. Zectonal provides enhanced situational awareness of your analytical enterprise using inherently secure and blazingly fast software capabilities.


If you don’t know the quantity and quality of your data assets, their reliability and quality, we are here for you

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Easy to Use Yet Comprehensive Capabilities

Our capabilities were built to get you up and running in minutes in order to evolve your monitoring, detection, and alerting requirements over time.

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World-Class Features for Teams Embracing Data Quality Initiatives

We monitor, alert, and report on data security and data quality metrics using algorithms that adopt to the patterns in your data over time. We make it easy for organizations to learn more about their data.

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Alerting and Event Notification

Sometimes it’s just as basic as red or green, and when to stop using analytic tools based on faulty inputs. Other times, its more complicated and nuanced. We have you covered letting you know to the degree of detail you require when your data is just-not-exactly-right.

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Secure and Blazingly Fast

Your organization’s security is our “job zero”. We are extremely deliberate on where and how our capabilities are deployed in your organization. We chose a modern, secure programming language to build our secure and blazingly fast capabilities.

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Data Discovery and ROI Analysis

We provide innovative techniques to discover more about your data in efficient and secure ways. If you are paying for your data, it’s important to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

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Algorithms that Learn the Characteristics of Your Data

Data changes over time, often in subtle mostly undetected ways that cause havoc with AI machine learning and business intelligence tools. We programmatically analyze your data patterns and alert you when anomalies occur.